Our Philosophy and Ethos

At LoveLife Projects Pty Ltd (LLP) we take pride in working by our motto—Love Work, Love Life. We build homes for our clients with love, for the life they love.

LLP does this with impeccable attention to details and open communication with our clients throughout the entire building process. We listen to our clients and care about every small detail they share with us in order to help them realise their visions and their dreams.

As a family-owned business with over 15 years’ experience in the building industry, our business has grown beyond the husband-and-wife team of George and Kristen Saba. There is a saying that that it “it takes a village to raise a child.” In LLP, our family “village” have extended to include our strong management team, our dedicated staff, our professional colleagues, contractors, trade people and suppliers. And more importantly, our clients, many of whom we have grown to know and love, and who have responded to us and our team similarly in return.

Our Management Team

The success of LLP is due in large parts to the leadership qualities of our director, George Saba. He leads his team with confidence, fostering a supportive nurturing environment, instilling in his team the trust, values and beliefs that allow them to build bespoke homes with confidence and as seamless as possible.

George has led his team with compassion and understanding through the pandemic, material and labour shortages, and other challenging situations by doing the heavy lifting alongside his staff. No task is too small or too big for George to get down to the shop floor with his team.

Kristen Saba consults with clients on many aspects of the build, with endless hours of product research, sourcing and showroom visits, and sharing her incredible soft skills of quiet listening in discussions over cups of coffee in order to find the “elusive” product that the client is looking for.

Our project managers, senior staff and site managers have collectively more than 30 years of experience in the building industry, working in high-end bespoke, residential homes in various locations in Sydney—the eastern suburbs, the upper and lower north shore, and the northern beaches. George and his management team work together seamlessly, and their ability to understand exactly what the client wants, to foresee difficulties before, during and after the build, engender clients’ confidence that the management at LLP is always there by their side.


LLP gives every client the attention and care they need to build their dream homes. The management team, and in particular, George is always available to his clients, and his staff, and he builds each house like his own home. Hence LLP undertakes a small number of house-builds at any one time. George’s enthusiasm for each home that LLP build is shared by his team at every stage of the construction.

Our Clients – Open communication

Our clients matter to us as an important part of our extended family. Our relationships with clients are based on trust, transparency, and honesty. At the micro level, George is available to each client, giving them all his time and energy in a way that each feels that he or she is his only client. Every build has its challenges, and George is always a phone call and short drive away to help his team and his clients resolve issues swiftly and smoothly. His honest communication with clients ensures that he can discuss with them openly some limitations of their briefs and guide them to transform their visions into more practical solutions.

LLP cares about the physical and aesthetic quality of each and very custom home they design and build. We share with our clients that their homes can be functional and look good at the same time. The caring, nurturing environment that LLP fosters is reflected in the way we communicate with our clients—on site, in office meetings, and in timely responses to their queries, in person, by emails and phone calls.

At the macro level, we assist our clients in applying to councils, utilities bodies, and other government agencies for approval of their projects. We implement a planning schedule from the moment our clients sign a contract so that no details are missed. The building costs and estimates are communicated in a timely manner to our clients, and we strive to limit any unforeseen changes and costs from the outset. A spreadsheet and template itemising all the PC Items, joinery, colours, tile, finishes and so forth is specifically created for each client. This is particularly important to our clients whose homes are custom designed and built.

Up-to-date information

Our financial team furnishes our clients with current financial information and estimates about their build, what they have spent to date, and any other financial updates they request from time to time.

Clients are also kept up to date on the development and progress of their build on the online portal BuilderTrend which enable them to view and keep track of the daily happenings on their projects. Our team uses the portal to follow the project timeline, log the activities of the day, keep record of works with photos and documents, which clients can access at any time.

LLP has set a new industry standard in building bespoke and custom home with their distinctive services. While we are excited for our clients when their dream homes are completed, we value follow-throughs even after the house is finished, and attend to clients’ requests as carefully as when we started building their new homes. The testimony of this special relationship with clients is evidenced by that the fact that many of our clients remain friends and refer their family and friends for new builds.

Our relationship with Industry Professionals, Contractors, Trades and Suppliers

We deeply value our relationships and work with another branch of our extended family. We collaborate with multiple industry professionals, working with experienced architects, engineers, certifiers, interior designers, and landscapers to help our clients to realise their visions. We assist our clients in interpreting and understanding technical drawings, and in navigating any concerns which they may have in this respect.

Our sub-contractors are a special component of this extended family. We have worked with the same sub-contractors on all our projects, building a strong relationship based on trust and the sense of professionalism and ethos which we subscribe to ourselves Our trades come to site knowing that when undertaking a LoveLife home they are sharing a build that is unique, and special, and they execute their responsibilities with the same philosophy as our brand–with love. They maintain our standards of high quality and meet our expectations without hesitation, often going beyond the call of duty.

Our team of apprentices are an integral part of our organisation. We employ apprentices from all branches of the construction industry and mentor them to the high standard of build and professionalism that we expect of ourselves and the people we engage. LLP inculcate in our team a love of learning and growing and the importance of professionalism in the homes they build. We believe that we have nurtured a generation of trade people who are proud of their work.

LLP has a good relationship with many general and specialist suppliers whom we introduce to our clients. The longstanding relationship we have built with our suppliers ensure that our clients secure fair prices and timely follow up services.

As our director, George puts it:

When we say, we love work, and we love life, it is not a just a company motto. It is the way we live and work. And that is the best assurance that we can give to our clients—that each of you matters, because how you live, matters to us.